Let’s face it as a general contractor, your life is busy enough with just your day to day business activities.  Finding the right subcontractor can be a daunting task, most of all, who do you try and where do you find them?  Most are known by the work for others, but many fall to the wayside because of technology or to be quite honest, the lack thereof.

Most contractors are way too busy to be on social media, and if they are, they have someone in their office doing it.  But who is looking at any opportunity that just got entered into our website?  We want to be able to create a simple solution that makes it easy to connect businesses together.  While you’re working on or finishing a project, you could glance down to your phone and post the next one that you have.  Keeping a steady flow of work coming in, and having the resources ready to get it completed.

As a general contractor on our site you will have the ability to:

  • Post your contact information
  • Upload past projects
  • Post any projects
  • Communicate with subcontractors
  • Find subcontractors